February 11, 2018 The Fifth Commandment: Life

How important is your body?
Of course, its very important! You spend a lot of time taking care of it; you buy clothes, shoes and food, all for your body; you have a home for shelter, perhaps you are careful what you eat and spend time exercising; and, if your body gets sick, there are medicines, doctors, and hospitals to take care of your body. In fact, one of the biggest concerns in our society is the cost of health care i.e., the cost of taking care of your body! Your body is important!

Your Body is Important to God as Well!

The Lord is the one who created your body and gave you life. God created you in both body and soul. In a nutshell, your body is everything about you that can be seen, and your soul is everything about you that cannot be seen. Your body is flesh and blood. It’s skin, muscles, and bones. Your body grows, develops and matures. Your body is a gift from God the Creator to you!

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