January 21, 2018 The Second Commandment: God’s Holy Name

Your name can be a complicated affair! Your first name is also your given. Your last name is also your family name or your surname. You might also have a middle name, and some of you might have a nickname. If you would have been born in another country, your first name would be your last name and your last name would be your first name! Your name can be a complicated affair!

Regardless of how confusing it can get, your name is your identity; it is how people know you, and your name carries your reputation. That’s really where the importance of your name lies: it identifies you.

God’s name is like that also — it is how we know Him. It carries His reputation; it identifies Him. The Second Commandment teaches us to rightly use God’s name and not take it in vain. We are to keep God’s name holy and set it apart as special; we are to use God’s name with respect & reverence as He teaches us!

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