Daily Video Devotions for Lent: Promised Treasures

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Life as exiles in the wilderness of this world is not easy or pain-free. We wait and yearn for our real home, the new promised land of heaven. In order to wait well, Jesus mentions that a good teacher not only brings out new treasures but reminds people of old and rich treasures as well (Matthew 13:52).

This Lenten season, embrace God’s amazing love for us, His baptized children, in new ways. Each week of Lent, journey to concretely see, smell, touch, and taste several biblical elements.

Begin with ashes, then salt, water, light, bread, and finally, palms. During Holy Week, water and blood, wood, fragrant oil are featured. On Easter, do not miss out on the sweetness of God’s milk and honey. All these beautiful Old and New Testament elements will remind you of God’s eternal love in Christ, fill you with renewed hope, and increase your joy, knowing that because we are His baptized children, God is near to us now more than ever.

Daily Video Lenten Devotions for Everyone
Devotional: Promised Treasures distributed by Concordia Publishing House

Led by Laura L. Nelson
Dir. Children & Youth Ministries
Trinity Lutheran Church & School
830 E Plaza Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ 85338

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