August 20, 2023 • Faith At Work Through Love

St Paul wrote Galatians in order to teach us that we are saved by faith alone in Christ alone and never by our own good works. In theology, this is called Justification by Faith. It is the Gospel; the Good News of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. It means that you are declared righteous, that is, declared “Not Guilty!” because of the work of Jesus, and never by your own good works. God sent His Only Begotten Son into the world to live a perfect life for you and to die a sacrificial death on the cross so that your sins are forgiven, you are reconciled to God the Father, and you will live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. The work of salvation is complete, and it is freely given to you through faith alone!

But now what?
What do you do until God takes you to Heaven?

Now, you have a life to live as a Christian. This is called Sanctification: your holy life in Christ. You have been set apart from the world; the Holy Spirit lives within you, you belong to God the Father, and you are redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ! Your life is now changed and transformed. You are a light that shines in this dark world.

St. Paul summarizes your holy life in Christ with this phrase:
faith expresses itself through love (Gal 5:6).
Faith… Expresses Itself… Through Love

We love other people, because God first loved us in His Son Jesus Christ. St. Paul teaches that our faith in Christ is to be expressed in love to other!

May it be so in your life! Amen!

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