August 28, 2022 • Confidence & Boldness

One of the gifts of salvation that is given to you is parrasia, confidence and boldness, to approach God in prayer. You have unrestricted and authorized access to God. No one in the Old Testament times could ever approach God like you can now in these New Testament times4! You have unrestricted, unlimited, direct and authorized access to God every moment of every day of your life. You know He loves you, and promises to be with you and help you. He has promised to use His mighty power on your behalf and for your benefit: to bring joy to you, to answer prayer, and to make all things work for good in your life. You are welcomed in the presence of the King of Heaven with parrasia, confidence and boldness!

Because of Jesus, who forgives you and cleanses you from your sins, you can now boldly approach God with confidence! There is no fear: your sins are forgiven, your conscience is clean, and you belong to God. You have unrestricted and unlimited access to your God and King in Heaven! The apostle John highlights that this happens to you in two ways:

• Every time you pray you have unrestricted and unlimited access to your Father in heaven; and

• On the Last Day, when Jesus returns in great glory, you have confidence and boldness. You have parrasia on the day of judgment!


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