August 30, 2020 Hebrews 13: Apostasy or Perseverance?

One of the unique and amazing things of the book of Hebrews are the plethora of Apostasy* warnings. These warnings of falling away from the faith are sprinkled throughout the book. In the 13 chapters of Hebrews, there are at least 10 major Apostasy warnings – some of them are rather lengthy. Obviously, we need to take these Apostasy warnings quite seriously.

Holy Spirit, we thank you for warning us of apostasy in the book of Hebrews. Help us to take these warnings to heart, and to repent of any sign of falling away from You. Keep our hearts soft to your Word and sacraments, so that we may ever believe and remain steadfast in faith throughout our lives. We fervently pray for those we know who have fallen away from faith, and ask that you lead them to repentance and bring them back to the Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord, our Great High Priest. It’s in His Name that we pray, amen.

*The Greek word for “Apostasy” ἀποστασία, means ‘a defection or revolt’, (from ἀπό, ‘away, apart’, and στάσις, ‘stand, standing’). “Apostasy” means “to stand apart; to fall away — to defect from Christ and His Word”. Apostasy is when believers “fall away” from the faith and lose eternal life.

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