February 26, 2023 • The Passover Lamb of God

Do you remember the 10 Plagues that God brought on Egypt?

Pharaoh had defied the Lord; he refused to listen to Moses the prophet, and he would not let the Israelites leave Egypt. So God sent the 10 Plagues, meant to show the power and the glory of the One True God, and lead Pharaoh to repentance.

Each of the 10 Plagues corresponded to an Egyptian god or goddess, showing how that Egyptian god or goddess was powerless and unable to help the Egyptians. The 10 Plagues were:
1. Water turned into blood
2. Frogs from the Nile
3. Gnats from the dust
4. Swarms of flies
5. Pestilence on the cattle and livestock
6. Boils and sores on people and animals
7. A Firestorm of hail from the sky
8. An Invasion of locusts
9. Three days of complete darkness

The tenth plague was the worst of all: the death of the firstborn sons. This tenth plague was different though, for with it, God gave the entire world a glimpse of the Messiah, He gave them a foreshadow of the Savior to come.

The tenth plague is the story of the Passover.

God turned this 10th plague on the Egyptians into a an act of mercy, grace, and salvation for the Israelites — and taught them about the Messiah to come, the Savior of the world.

The Passover lamb pointed forward to Jesus, Who is the “Passover Lamb of God”, Who’s blood saves all people from death!

God provided His Son for you, Who shed His blood shed on the cross, so that death “passes over” you.

Lent is a time when we remember our sin, repent of it, and turn to Christ for forgiveness. May you do that today, remembering and believing that God has sent His Son Jesus for you, to be your Passover Lamb, Amen.

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