February 27, 2022 • Transfiguration of Jesus

The Transfiguration of Jesus is a unique, one-of-a-kind, theophany. It reveals to us the divine nature of the Man Jesus.

But now the light, glory, and majesty of the Transfiguration fades away; as Jesus, the Son of God, turns His face to Jerusalem. He willingly and intentionally carried our sins upon Himself and died on a cross. Transfiguration Sunday leads into the Lenten Season; the Mount of Transfiguration leads to Mt. Calvary. And we will walk with Jesus as Lent begins this Ash Wednesday. Lent will lead us to Jerusalem, to Good Friday, and to the cross. The Transfiguration teaches us that the Son of God Himself is suffering and dying for us; that God Himself has taken our sin and guilt all the way to the cross… and we are now forgiven!


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