February 28, 2021: Don’t Trip Over GREED

Jesus teaches Greed as Idolatry: you cannot serve both God and Money. The warning is that money or possessions can quickly consume you and become your “god.” Don’t base your life on money or possessions; Greed is endless accumulation of these things. Idolatry is when your money or possessions consume you. Greed is using any of God’s gifts purely selfishly — without any thought for God or for one’s neighbor.

Don’t get tangled up in greed!

Thankfully, if you do, God in Christ untangles you. Jesus went to Jerusalem to suffer and die to set you free from all sin, including greed and idolatry. Through His forgiveness, your thinking and your attitudes are turned upside down from that of the world. Greed doesn’t drive you; greed doesn’t dominate your thinking; money or possessions don’t consume you.

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