January 24, 2021: Doubt or Assurance?

Have you ever been surrounded by the darkness of doubt?

Doubt is the kind of darkness that you can feel; it’s close and thick, and it seems like there’s no way out. The word doubt comes from the Latin and means hesitant. In the Christian faith, it means that you are hesitant to trust in God and to believe His Word. For some people, doubt is a re-occurring temptation; an unwelcome visitor that just will not leave.

Doubt attacks the promises of God; and questions the truth of God’s Holy Word. It leaves you mistrusting God, being hesitant to trust His Word, and uncertain of your salvation. Doubt is a serious thing! Doubt erodes your faith, separates you from Christ, and threatens your eternal salvation! Doubt is no child’s play; it is a real danger!

If doubt is a terrible darkness,
then Christ and His Word are a brilliantly bright light!

Christ is the Truth and His Word is True!

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