January 7, 2024 • The Year of Jubilee!

This year, 2024, we mark and celebrate our 50th year as a congregation here at Trinity Lutheran Church in Litchfield Park, AZ! What started with seven families in a living room back in 1974 has grown into the Church and School campus where we worship and pray, study and serve on today!

The 50th year has significance in just about everything … even in the Bible. In the Old Testament the 50th year held special significance. It was called the “Jubilee” year.

As we begin to celebrate our 50 years as a congregation this year, we thank the Lord that we have been able to “blast the trumpet” in many and various ways announcing the eternal Jubilee that we have in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And even more importantly, we thank God that He has given each of us faith in His Eternal Jubilee in His Son Jesus: that we have spiritual freedom and rest in the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

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