July 01, 2018 Revelation 5: Signs Of The End

The Book of Revelation pictures the End Times as a scroll that has seven seals; and only the Lord Jesus, who died and who has risen from the dead — the Lamb Who was Slain but yet is Standing (Rev 5:6) — can open the scroll and reveal to us what is in it.

When Jesus does open the scroll, the first thing He reveals to us are the signs of the End Times; things that will continually be happening around the world and throughout history as the day of His sudden return gets closer.

The signs of the End Times in the book of Revelation are pictured as FOUR HORSEMEN who ride across the earth bringing havoc and evil on the land and on people. The FOUR HORSEMEN represent the signs of the End.

As with all the images of the book of Revelation, the FOUR HORSEMEN are Old Testament images reused in the book of Revelation. See Zechariah 1:8-11; 6:1-8, Ezekiel 14;12-23 for example. The extreme value of this is that we are not left to create our own interpretations, rather, Scripture Interprets Scripture for us! The false teachings concerning Revelation arise from false teachers creating their own false ideas of what the images mean, neglecting what Scripture has already taught us!


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    Jeff Sipos says:

    WOW!!! Very well done…getting a lot out of the Revelation series…just have to get caught up…will replay this message again, once I get back on track and in order.


    John 16:33

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