July 2, 2023 • Curses and Blessings

About a year ago, there was a huge Biblical archaeological find in Israel. Researchers announced that they found a folded lead tablet at the excavation site of Mt. Ebal in Israel. After extensive studies, they found 40 ancient Hebrew letters; and they discovered it was a “curse tablet.” On that folded lead tablet was written this curse:

Cursed, Cursed, Cursed
Cursed by the God Yahweh
You will die Cursed
Cursed you will surely die
Cursed by Yahweh
Cursed, Cursed, Cursed

The cross of Jesus is the sign that He was cursed. If Jesus was stoned to death, or put to death with the sword, it would not have signaled that He was cursed by God. The cross signals that He was cursed. In the Old Testament, God had already said, “Cursed in everyone who is hung on a tree.” So Jesus was crucified: He was cursed for you and for me.

You are now redeemed from the curse! Redeemed means a price was paid for you. The price to redeem you from the curse of God was that Jesus would take your place and be cursed for you. He paid the price – you are redeemed! You are set free!

Christ has redeemed you from the curse of the Law! Your sin has been removed from you and put on Christ. Your guilt has been cleansed by the death of Jesus. The curse of your sin fell on Jesus when He died on the cross!

You are redeemed! You are set free!
• You never again have to think that you need to do something to earn God’s favor and goodness.
• You never again have to obey some checklist to get into heaven.
• You never again have to look to yourself and your own good works to merit salvation.

Jesus has done it all! Every single bit of it. 100%!

If I can take the liberty and flip that ancient curse tablet around that they found last year in Israel and make it apply to us today, it might say this:

Blessed, Blessed, Blessed,
Blessed by the God Yahweh
Through His Son Jesus
You will live Blessed
Blessed you will surely live
Blessed by Yahweh
Through His Son Jesus
Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!


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