July 31, 2022 • Anointed with the Spirit

In the Epistle of 1 John, the Apostle John is concerned about his churches in the Asia minor area of the Roman Empire. They are in danger from false teachers who deny that Jesus is the Christ and who appear to live ungodly lives; in fact the Apostle even calls these false teachers antichrists1. In addition, the Apostle has warned about the dangers of the secular world2. With powerful words, he has exposed the world’s pride and lusts as hostile to Christ and contrary to the love of God the Father. The Apostle of Christ is clear: we are not to follow false teachers; and we are not to get entangled with the sinful world. The danger for those early Christians was great; that same danger is now immense for us!

So John wants to encourage his people and us; and he teaches how we can live surrounded by such imminent danger. John teaches you and reminds you that you are filled with the Holy Spirit!

But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth 1 John 2:20

The danger from the lies and deceptions of false teachers, and the pride and the lusts of the sinful world surround us just as it did with the people in St John’s day. The danger is real; the temptations are immense; and it is unrelenting.

But you do not have to fear.

God has anointed you His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a gift of salvation that has been freely given to you! The Holy Spirit lives within you to enlighten you with the truth of God’s Holy Word; He strengthens you with Holy Communion, and He empower you to abide in Christ and His Word.


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