July 9, 2023 • What Good is the Law of God?

The Law of God is the 10 Commandments; and in Biblical times it included the Mosaic Law, which was everything associated with the Old Testament worship rites, including sacrifices, priests, holy days and circumcision. The false teachers in the New Testament era were teaching that you could believe in Jesus, but you also had to obey all the commands and laws of God in order to be saved.

As God’s righteous people, through faith in Christ, we now go back to the Law of God to learn about holy living. We are NOT going back to it to earn our salvation — Christ has already done that. Rather we look to the Law of God as a guide to teach us what is right and wrong, good and evil, truth and error, as we live as God’s people in this sinful world. The 10 Commandments guide our sanctified lives of faith. We learn how to love God and how to love our neighbor from the 10 Commandments. We learned to value authority, life, marriage, possessions, and people’s reputations. We learned to guard our own hearts from sin and temptation. We learn to hallow God’s Name and to seek His Kingdom. The Law of God guides our daily living as Christians.

The Law of God is very important to us! It is not a route to salvation; but it is…

• A curb for all nations;
• it exposes our sin so we see our need for Jesus, the Son of God, Who is the Savior of the world;
• and it guides, shapes, and directs our daily Christian faith and life.


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