June 2, 2024 • Trinity Lutheran CHURCH

8 1/2 miles down Indian School Road — to the east of us — is St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. 50 years ago, the road was not fully paved. There were a group of people who attended St. Paul’s who lived here in the Litchfield Park area, and they wanted to plant a church out here. In 1968, they wrote to the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod asking for help, but they were told that it would be too costly and the growth in the area did not warrant a new congregation! But the people persisted, and in 1974, Village Lutheran Church was established. That was the early name of our congregation; a few years later it would officially be changed to Trinity Lutheran Church and become a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Because of their work 50 years ago, we have a place today for us and our families to worship, grow in faith, and serve other.

The Church is important — it is not just another building along the side of a road. In the Church you will find:
One Body
One Spirit
One Hope
One Lord
One Faith
One Baptism
One God And Father Of All (Ephesians 4:3-6)

These are the things that unite us as a congregation; these are gifts that God freely gives to His people! These are the things that make the Holy Christian Church so unique, so special, and so very important.

50 years ago, a small group of people worked very hard to get this Church off the ground and to establish a local congregation. Over those 50 years, this congregation has seen some tremendous highs and it has endured some terrible lows. But through it all God has worked for good for His people. He is the Lord of the Church, and by His grace and mercy every single one of us have been called out of the darkness of our sin and into the Kingdom of the Son of God, that is the Holy Christian Church. Amen

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