June 25, 2023 • Father Abraham

The New Testament is filled with Old Testament people; repeatedly, Jesus and His Apostles in the New Testament point us back to Old Testament people as examples for us to learn from. St Paul even writes that the Old Testament was written as examples and warnings for us today (1 Cor 10:11). God expects you to know your Old Testament as well as your New Testament.

God promised Abraham a Savior, a nation, and a promised land. Through faith in Christ, you are Abraham’s children. What that means is that you are included in the blessings of Abraham and his descendants. Those blessings are yours as well:

• you believe in Jesus, the descendant of Abraham, the Savior, who has rescued you from your sin.

• You are part of the Holy Christian Church, all believers of all times and all places, who have the faith of Abraham, and trust in his promised Descendant (Jesus!). Abraham’s promised nation is now the Holy Christian Church — both Jews, and Gentiles, who trust in Christ.

•You look forward to the promised land of Heaven; the eternal land flowing with milk and honey, that is, all the blessings from God’s good hand!

There are many Old Testament people referenced in the New Testament! Abraham is the greatest of all! Like him, you too are justified by faith, and never by your own good works! Amen!

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