March 10, 2024 • Phillip and Nathaniel

God has called you by name to believe in Jesus.

Before God created the heavens and the earth and everything seen and unseen, He chose you to be His very own. By name, by grace, in Christ, God chose you to be a Christian. And then during your lifetime, He worked the events of your life so that you were baptized. In your Baptism, He called you by name and gave you faith in Jesus. Ever since then, He has been working through His Word and Holy Communion to nurture and strengthen your faith until He graciously takes you from this veil of tears to Himself in Heaven.

Today’s sermon allows us to see Jesus call Phillip with His powerful Word. Jesus simply said, “Follow Me,” and faith was created. The power is always in the Word of God; just as it was for us in the Word and water of Baptism.

God has called us to faith in His Son Jesus. And that faith is contagious: it creates joy and excitement within us. We are called to follow Jesus and to reach out to our family and friends, with the good news of Jesus! Amen!

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