March 12, 2023 • Manna from Heaven

Jesus uses the image of hunger and food to teach us the Gospel. Jesus said that He is the “Bread of Life” that came down from Heaven and gives life to the world. Jesus Himself gives eternal life to the world through His work of salvation. There is no other place to find eternal life; there is no other “Bread from Heaven.”

Just like Jesus provided food for the Israelites on their journey to the Promised Land in the Old Testament times; so too the same Jesus provides food for you on your journey to the Promised Land of Heaven. Jesus is the “Bread of Life”, who feeds you Bread from Heaven in Holy Communion so that you will live forever!

One way to think about Holy Communion is that of Manna from Heaven. This is the Manna that God provides for you in His Son Jesus: so that you will live forever!

† This is the Body and Blood of the crucified and risen Savior that forgives your sins
† This is the bread and the wine that gives you eternal life
† This is God giving you the certain hope of the resurrection of the dead on the Last Day
† This is where God promises to abide in You and you abide in Him.
† This is where the Lord Jesus assures you that He is with you always, even to the ends of the age.

Now, sustained by this Sacramental food, this “mysterious” food, we live holy lives through faith in Christ. We faithfully love and worship the Lord our God; we consistently help and serve our neighbors. Our words and our actions bear witness that Jesus is the “Bread of Life” who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world. AMEN!

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