March 14, 2021: Don’t Trip Over LAZINESS

A sloth is a slow-moving mammal that hangs upside down in trees using its long limbs and hooked claws. They live in the tropical rainforests of South America. They are related to anteaters and are known for their very slow and deliberate movements. Their very name, “sloth”, is an Old English word for “slow”.

The word sloth has also become a synonym for the word lazy; a “sloth” is someone who is reluctant to do any work or even make an effort. I doubt very many people want to be known as a sloth.

Spiritual laziness, apathy, and slothfulness are when you neglect Christ and His Word. The Bible teaches us that it is easy for us to get tangled up in the things of the world and we end up neglecting spiritual things. It’s a big deal because it’s the beginning of apostasy; and if left unchecked, it will kill your faith.

When you think about your own Christian faith and life, would you describe it as zealous or slothful?
• Is there a spiritual laziness in you?
• Are you sloppy in your faith?
• Are you apathetic about God?
• Do you neglect God and His Word?
• Are you disinterested in His Kingdom

There is nothing admirable with laziness; it is not a compliment to be known as a sloth. Don’t let that happen in your spiritual life!

God’s Will is that you are zealous: that you are “hot; burning, and on fire” for Christ, His Word, and His Kingdom! Amen!

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