March 21, 2021: Don’t Trip Over ENVY

Envy is an insidious sin. Envy pits one person against another; or one group of persons against another group. There are several examples of it in the bible.

• Cain envied Abel’s sacrifice to God; and his envy drove him to kill his brother.
• Joseph’s brothers envied Joseph’s relationship with his father Jacob, and they staged his death and sold him into slavery.
• Saul envied David’s triumph in battle, and tried to kill him with a spear
• Herod envied Christ’s kingship, and killed the babies of Bethlehem in search for Christ.

Envy is a dangerous sin!

Through forgiveness, contentment, and love for others, you combat Envy in your thoughts, your heart, and in your attitude.

Envy is a seriously dangerous sin that you can get tangled up in and it will destroy your faith. It divides people and alienates you from God. Envy, at its core, is a dissatisfaction with God because He has not given you what you think you deserve. Don’t get tangled up in that!


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