March 22, 2020 Lent 4: Psalm 32

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Sin brings God’s curse to every one of us. To be cursed by God means that you are condemned in your sin; that the full weight of God’s wrath falls squarely on you alone. You are judged, found guilty, sentenced to death, and jailed in hell forever. There is no mercy for you; nor do you have any hope of escape. You will never again see or hear about God’s love, grace, or kindness. That is what it means to be cursed by God.

Rather than being cursed by God, you are blessed by God!

  • Your transgressions, your rebellion, disobedience, and immorality are forgiven!
  • Your sin, that is, those times when you miss the mark of perfectly obeying God’s 10 Commandments, is covered over!
  • Your iniquity, that is, your guilt, is not counted against you!
  • Your deceit, treachery, and lies are removed from you!

You are blessed rather than cursed by God; and the only way that happens is through the Lord Jesus Christ.


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    Paul and Shirley Lohse says:

    We watched the7:30 service. It was encouraging and uplifting, connecting one with God’s good news in the midst of generally distressing news. All glory to God.

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    Denise Rhodes says:


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    Laura Schultz says:

    It’s wonderful knowing Our Lord is with us through everything! Thank you Lord, you give me strength!

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    Bruce Rogers says:

    Thank you for the sermon. It was what I needed to hear in this challenging and uncertain times. I was skeptical about doing the sermon virtually, but it was good. Thank you to everyone who was involved in putting together.

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    Sandra Kolls and Pat Lindsay says:

    Thank you for your sermon. What a time . More than ever we need to stay strong in our faith and show and share to those who are fearful the peace that God gives us thru Jesus. We are thankful for the technology that we can at least hear God’s word together virtually. Thank you and God bless you

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    Jody Gurnsey says:

    Well done, good and faithful servant! I am impressed with the online service. The message was a great thing to be able to hear and reflect on!

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