March 24, 2024 • Wave Your Palms!

The Distinctive Feature Of Palm Sunday is of course, the Palms. The Bible teaches us that on that first Palm Sunday, the people were so excited to welcome Jesus that they scrambled to cut palm branches. They would wave them in the air in celebration and excitement; and some would lay them in the road for Him to travel over as a sign of honor and respect. In our Gospel lesson from St. John, it said, They took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out, “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel!” John 12:13

Waving palm branches was a symbol of victory; it was an ancient custom on honoring someone special, someone like a King. Ancient coins often times had palms imprinted on them to honor the king. And indeed, Jesus was a King.

So get used to waving your palms … because the Day is coming, and it is coming soon, when you will be standing in front of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of all kings and the Lord of all Lords, waving your palms and singing your praises with the entire holy Christian Church! Amen!

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