March 28, 2021: Don’t Trip Over PRIDE

PALM SUNDAY is 100% a God-event. Jesus is orchestrating the entire thing. It is a deliberate, intentional, public parade that proclaims Jesus as King! Not once in the Gospels do we ever hear of Jesus ever riding a horse, saddling a donkey, or sitting in a wagon. But now, Jesus the King rides into the Royal City of Jerusalem on a humble colt as predicted by Old Testament Messianic prophecy. He is greeted by shouts of “Hosanna!” as people wave palm branches and throw their robes on the ground before Him. It is such a joyous and momentous event that even if the people were silent, the rocks would have shouted out “Hosanna!”

All creation rejoiced on Palm Sunday … except the Pharisees. They were angry. “Rebuke your disciples!” they sneered at Jesus.

• They were full of bitterness, rage, anger, and malice.
• They rejected Christ as the Savior and Messiah.
• They did not recognize Him as the Creator of the world
• They resented His authority.
• They despised His teachings.
• They ignored His miracles.
• The accused Jesus of having a demon.
• They slandered Him by calling Him a Samaritan
• They claimed He was a lawbreaker
• They charged Him with blasphemy
• They cast out of the synagogue anyone who defended Him.
• They tried to arrest Him

Their pride blinded them, and they plotted to kill their Messiah, the Son of God, and the King of Israel.

PRIDE can be a big problem. Pride keeps you from seeing the truth about yourself and the Truth about Christ. Like the Pharisees, pride keeps you from seeing your sin, and your lost condition without Christ. Your pride thinks that you are a good person, worthy of great respect and admiration. Your pride keeps you from seeing your sin, confessing your sin, and humbling yourself. If you can’t see your own sin, then you will never see the Truth about Christ.

In contrast to sinful pride, stands the Palm Sunday Savior. Jesus, the Promised Messiah, the Son of God, and the King of Israel, humbled Himself in order to suffer terribly and die dreadfully for sinful, prideful, rebellious, and immoral people – like you and like me.

We learn from Jesus how to live as humble people. Jesus’ humility empowers you to live a humble life.

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