March 5, 2023 • The Bronze Serpent

Moses had his hands full with the Israelites in the wilderness. Moses is known as a great leader and prophet of God who delivered the Israelites during the Exodus; but the last third of his life must have been extremely stressful dealing with the rebellious Israelites1. Repeatedly in Scripture we hear that the Israelites were complaining, whining, and grumbling about something.

That day in the Wilderness, the Lord judged the peoples’ sins by sending snakes into their camp. The day of grace was over for many people that day … for those who would not repent. But the faithful did repent, they confessed their sins, and called out to God for help. God, in His grace, heard their prayer and He provided a way for them to live. For those who looked at the bronze snake, and believed God’s promise that they would live, the poisonous snake bites were harmless. God provided a way of salvation for His People. By believing God’s promise of life in the snake on the pole, the people lived.

That bronze snake on a pole was a type of Christ: it foreshadowed what Jesus would do for us!

Jesus is the way of salvation that God has provided for us! We don’t look to a bronze snake lifted up on a pole, but rather we look to the Son of God lifted up on the cross. That’s where your salvation is found. Amen!

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