March 6, 2022 • The Mercy of God

Today is the first Sunday in Lent. Lentis a 40 day journey that will take us into Holy Week. Lent began this past Wednesday with Ash Wednesday, where we received ashes on our bodies as signs of humility and repentance. The ashes on our bodies reflected the cry of our heart for mercy.

The idea of mercy is that you are broken and empty and that you look only to the One, True and Only God for help. You realize that you are utterly unable to help yourself. God alone can rescue you; the Lord alone can help you. Christ alone can you fill with grace, peace, and forgiveness.

God showed NO MERCY to Jesus so that He can show Full Mercy to you!

Mercy is God’s compassion and kindness to broken and humbled sinners!

God’s mercy is found only in the Lord Jesus Christ!


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