May 2, 2021: “Echo” Christ & His Word

Today is Confirmation Sunday!

The word “taught” is “catechesis”. It not only describes our Confirmation kids; but all of us as well. As a baptized, conservative Lutheran Christian, you are to be a lifelong learner of Christ and His Word so that you can have the “certainty of the thing you have been taught.” Every one of us is to be in catechesis from Baptism until we die.

The word picture of the New Testament word catechesis is that of an “ECHO”. The student “echoes” Scripture. A Christian is one who “echoes” Christ and His Word in their own words, in their minds, in their attitudes, and in their lives. ECHO is the fundamental idea of catechesis.

Today is Confirmation Sunday, and we celebrate with our Confirmands, and we pray that the Lord will give them a deep faith and rock-solid conviction. At the same time, remember that we are all in catechesis – we are all constantly learning about Christ and His Word — throughout our lives!

Go out and echo Christ and His Word in all that you do.


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