May 5, 2024 • Boldness and Confidence

One of the highlights of our lives as conservative Lutheran Christians is Confirmation Day. Confirmation Sunday, which we are celebrating today, is a day when our youth stand before their families, this congregation, the world, and their God to boldly confess their faith. They have been in training for up to four years, learning the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the doctrines of the Christian faith. Today at the 11:30 service, they will boldly confess that faith as their own. Many of you were confirmed, and I hope you remember the day.

Faith in Christ gives you confidence and boldness in your relationship with God. Each day you can approach Him knowing that you have unrestricted and unlimited access to Him. On the Last Day, you have confidence and boldness before God because you trust in His Son Jesus, who forgives you all of your sins.

Nevaeh, Sydney, Haven, and Tyler, our prayer for you today – on your Confirmation Day — is that you will wholeheartedly confess Christ; and boldly live with confidence in your faith in Christ for the rest of your life!

Let this Confirmation Sunday remind you of the confidence and boldness you have in Christ; and may you live your Christian faith in life with that confidence and boldness! Amen!

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