November 13, 2022 • Baptized into Christ

Think about marriage for a minute.
Marriage begins with the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony usually takes 30 minutes or so; but it begins a lifelong relationship between a man and a woman. They are now husband and wife; and together, they begin a new family.

Holy Baptism is similar.
The Baptism service usually takes about 5 minutes or so; but it begins a lifelong relationship between a person and their Lord. In Baptism, you are given faith and become a disciple of Jesus. The Holy Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, gives you His Name and brings you into His Family.

In Holy Baptism, the Lord of heaven and earth comes to you through water and His Word to wash you clean from your sins and to purify you from all unrighteousness. God has not set you free from sin and death so that you can live without Him and be separated from His People. Baptism does not put you on an island; it places you in a community! In Baptism, you have been brought into God’s Family, a congregation to worship God and love others.

Baptism is important!

It is a treasure that God has given to you!
Your Baptism is eternally significant!

It may have only taken 5 minutes for you to be baptized, but it affects every minute of every day of your life! It’s who you are! You are a Baptized in Christ! Amen!

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