November 17, 2019 Disciples

In the Christian faith, a Disciple[1] is a learner, someone who is learning the doctrines of Scripture and putting them into practice. A disciple is sometimes described as a follower, one who follows Jesus as they live their lives.

Your first thought may be that of the Twelve Disciples. the men Jesus originally chose to follow Him and to learn from Him.

But Jesus also describes you as a disciple! When the Holy Spirit created faith your heart, you became a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are now a lifelong learner of Jesus; you follow Jesus as you live your life. You have been chosen by Him and belong to Him.

[1] “In short, a disciple is a student. A disciple is one who disciplines himself in the teachings and practices of another. The word disciple, like discipline, comes from the Latin word discipulus, meaning “pupil” or “learner.” Consequently, to learn is to discipline oneself. . . a disciple follows Jesus.”

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