November 26, 2023 • Judgment Day!

Judgment Day is coming … and it is coming soon! Jesus teaches us that we are to watch and pray, be alert and ready for His return on the Last Day. All the Signs of the End that the Scripture tells us to look for are occurring1 … everyday, all the time. The signs of the end are the handwriting on the wall to show us that Judgment Day is truly coming and it’s coming fast. There is always an urgency when Jesus teaches about the Last Day, He wants us to be eagerly sitting on the edge of our seats ready for it to happen at any moment.

For us as Christians, for those who have been declared righteous and forgiven through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no fear whatsoever in Judgment Day. We know the Judge and we know His verdict — in fact you have been hearing His verdict throughout your life. The verdict is this: Your sins are forgiven in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

You hear Absolution every week in worship; you have already been declared not guilty by the Judge through faith in His Son Jesus Christ2. That is why we look forward to Judgment Day with great joy; for us it’s more like homecoming day and a great family reunion!

Judgment Day is coming … and it is coming soon!


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