November 6, 2022 • Resting in Peace

I am sure that you have all seen tombstones, especially in old western movies, that have RIP written on them. RIP is from a Latin phrase that means “rest in peace”. RIP seems to have been a practice of the early Christian Church. Graves dating back to 400AD have been found with the inscription. But now, especially in movies, it is simply a pious wish that the dead person rests in peace.

You might be surprised to learn that RIP is actually a Biblical statement of Christ-centered hope at times of death. God promised Abraham that he would rest in peace when it was time for him to die. Let me show you: [God said to Abraham,] “You, however, will go to your ancestors in peace and be buried at a good old age. Genesis 15:15

God is speaking to Abraham, who believes God’s promise of the coming Messiah. The Lord assures Abraham that he will die in peace. Today, on All Saint’s Day, we remember and thank God for our loved ones who now “rest in peace.” We thank God for their faith and life, and we look forward to seeing them again, in their resurrected and glorified bodies, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Today we celebrate and thank God for our loved ones who rest in peace — they died trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And we pray that we die in peace, as we think about death and dying now while we are living; and then when death and dying comes — we focus only on Christ and His work of salvation for us! Amen!

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