October 9, 2022 • 1546 AD

476 years ago Martin Luther died.
It was around 3am on February 18, 1546

The man whom God used to reform the Holy Christian Church died in complete faith and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Luther died, a scrap of paper was found in his pocket, and in his own handwriting he had written “We are beggars, This is true.”

These words are not only a confession of sin, but also of faith. Luther believed that without Christ, he was nothing. He had nothing to offer God for his salvation; no money, no good works, no prayers, nothing. He was like a beggar relying on the goodness, grace, and generosity of God.


Like Luther, we confess that we are poor miserable sinners — or to use Luther’s word, poor miserable “beggars.” We are completely dependent on the Lord. Our hands are empty, our hearts are broken, our consciences are guilty, and our lives are sinful. We need God’s goodness, grace, and generosity – and that is found only in His Son, Jesus. In Christ, you will always find God’s generous grace and goodness –ALWAYS! EVERYTIME! WITHOUT FAIL! God sent Jesus to rescue you from sin, deliver you from death, and reconcile you to the Father. In Jesus you find God’s generosity, grace, and goodness: both now as you live; and someday, when you are on your deathbed!

1546AD marks the end of that first generation of Lutheran reformers. By God’s grace, the gospel has remained front
and center in our Churches for over 500 years! The Lord has worked in your life to bring the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to you so that on the day of your death, you too will have peace, comfort, and hope in Christ and the gift of eternal life that He freely gives to you.

1546AD helps us think about and prepare for our own death, reminding us of the confidence we have in the Risen Savior Jesus Christ! Amen.

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