September 10, 2023 • Our Father In Heaven

The Lord’s Prayer has probably always been a part of your life. If you grew up in the Church, you have heard it each week in worship; you learned it in Sunday School, you had to memorize it in Confirmation, and you have been saying it youth group, Bible studies, and meetings. You may use it in your home with your family and in your private devotions. If you grew up in the Church, then it’s a prayer that has probably always been a part of your life.

It’s an odd prayer, though, isn’t it?

It has no mention of Jesus’ Name, nor does it say anything about the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t talk about the cross nor the Resurrection of Jesus. It has no mention of Baptism, the Word of God, nor Holy Communion; it doesn’t use the words grace nor faith. By today’s standards1, it might seem to be lacking those things that we would normally look for in such an important prayer.

But what makes the Lord’s Prayer different, unique, invaluable, and in a category all by itself is that Jesus gave us this prayer.That changes everything. That makes the Lord’s Prayer the most important prayer of all!

Today we are beginning a series on the Lord’s Prayer; it is a model prayer that Jesus taught His disciples to use, pray, and to base their own prayers on.

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us that you have been given access to God the Father. Today, know and believe that God is your Father in Heaven through faith in Jesus … and be drawn into prayer. Amen!

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