September 16, 2018 Conversion Stories: Matthew


The word “conversion” is a Latin word that means to “turn around”; in theology it means the turning of sinners to God.

Only God can convert sinners. Only the Lord can take someone without faith in Christ and give them faith in Christ. Conversion is God’s work alone through His powerful Word.

Matthew was a tax collector for the Romans, and because of that, he was despised by the Jews. Tax collectors were notorious thieves.

But yet, Jesus finds Matthew. Jesus intentionally goes to where Matthew is collecting taxes and converts him. With His powerful Word, Jesus simply says, “Follow Me!”, and faith is created in his heart and Matthew immediately leaves his life of sin and follows Jesus.

That is how you came to faith. At some point in your life, God found you – personally, and as an individual — GOD FOUND YOU. But He found you in sin; He found you not knowing Christ or believing in Him. He found you spiritually dead with no hope of eternal salvation.

But God loves you, and He is merciful to you! GOD FOUND YOU and worked in your life with His powerful Word.

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