September 17, 2023 • Hallow God’s Name

Do you know how you were named? Perhaps you have a family member’s name; or you are named after someone significant to your parents. Perhaps your name comes from the Bible, or maybe your parents were working with a theme when naming you. Or maybe your folks just liked the name, and wanted to give it to you as a special gift. Your name is your identity; it is how people know you, and it carries your reputation.

God’s Name is like that also — it’s special, and it is how we know Him. His Name carries His reputation. God’s Name describes Him and helps us understand Who He is and what He has done for us. The Bible uses different names to help us learn who God is, and what He is like.

God’s Name permeates every area of your life! No wonder the Second Commandment teaches us not to take it vain!

God’s Name is Who He is; its his reputation and how we know our God. It is sacred and holy.

In the Lord’s Prayer, the first thing Jesus teaches us to pray is: Hallowed be God’s Name! Amen!

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