September 23, 2018 Conversion Stories: Lydia


In theology, there is a term that is helpful to know and remember when you think about the Gospel. The term is “Divine Monergism”.   Divine Monergism is formed from three Latin words and it means “God’s One Work.” It refers to salvation being God’s One Work alone; that from beginning to end, our salvation is God’s work on our behalf. We do not help, assist or contribute to our eternal salvation in any way. Salvation is because of God’s love and mercy in the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s Divine Monergism:  GOD’S ONE WORK.

In the Book of Acts, St. Paul was directed by the Holy Spirit to go to Europe, to the city of Philippi, the leading city of the area. Once there, Paul shares Christ with a group of women, and the miracle of salvation happened.

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