September 3, 2023 • Verbs and the Word

The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered the greatest Biblical archaeological discovery ever made. They are ancient documents discovered by a shepherd boy in 1947. He stumbled into a cave on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea where the ancient settlement of Qumran was located. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain parts of every Old Testament book except Esther; and they date back to 250 years before the New Testament era. Their significance is that they prove the accuracy of the Bible that we are reading today. The Dead Sea Scrolls authenticate that the Old Testament that we are reading today is the same Old Testament that Jesus and the Apostles were reading 2000 years ago! It assures us that God has been faithful through the centuries and He has kept His Word accurate along the way.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are priceless artifacts and extremely significant; but they will forever be in a display in some museum somewhere.

The Word of God, on the other hand, is living and active, it is powerful and at work in your life!

Far from sitting in a display in a museum like the Dead Sea Scrolls; the Word of God is living and active in your life; God’s Law and His Gospel is powerful and effective; leading your to repentance and creating faith in the Lord Jesus!

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a fascinating archaeological discovery that remind us that we really do have the accurate Word of God in Holy Scripture. And that Word of God is powerful; it is living and active in your life: at times convicting you of sin; always forgiving you and assuring you of God’s love in His Son Jesus. God’s Holy Word guides and directs your daily Christian life!

Don’t put God’s Word in a display or on a shelf; make it your daily companion and hear, meditate, study, and memorize it!


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