January 17, 2021: The Baptism of the Lord

The Baptism of Jesus was a big deal!

At first, though, it did not look like much of anything. Jesus probably had to stand in line, and wait his turn, for John the Baptist to baptize Him in the Jordan River. The Bible says that people were flocking to John to be baptized, and Jesus would have appeared as just another Israelite man waiting his turn. Even John did not know who Jesus was before the Baptism.

But all that changed when it was Jesus’ turn to be baptized. What would happen next had never happened in the history of the world! As Jesus was baptized, God the Father spoke from heaven, “This is My Beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” God the Father was introducing His Son to the world! God the Father was identifying Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah and the Savior of all people! In addition, God the Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a dove and landed on Jesus! It was a dramatic and visual representation of what the word “anointed” means –> it means being chosen and given the Holy Spirit for a specific office. The Holy Spirit anointed Jesus to His Office of Messiah: He is beginning His work as the Savior of the world! This was a public Trinitarian event – there is no other recorded event like this in the history of the world!

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