July 11, 2021 • Living Water

When was the last time you read anything from the Old Testament book of Ezekiel? Don’t you just love it when you can spend a few minutes in one of these ancient, inspired texts of God’s Holy Word?

Ezekiel is certainly one of the hardest books of the Old Testament to understand, but our passage today is pretty clear: when the Messiah comes there will be Water of Life in abundance! Not just a trickle, nor just ankle-deep, nor just knee-high or waist-deep: but gushing, Living Water from God Himself that will cover the entire earth!

The fulfillment of this prophecy is Jesus Himself! Jesus is God on earth, and from Him comes Living Water of salvation that gives eternal life to all people!

Living Water has not trickled into your life, nor has it just been ankle, knee, or waste high, but it has gushed into your life continually! Thank God for that and then go out and let it gush forth from you!


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