July 18, 2021 • Crisis!

Every time someone hears the Gospel promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is right there to create faith so that a person can believe those promises for themselves.

But yet, Jesus divides people because each person has the power to reject the Words of Jesus. Every man, woman, and child can harden their heart and close their ears to the Promises of Christ. If someone rejects Christ, that is solely their own work and their own fault.

Unbelief is a terrible thing – and it separates people from their loving God: their Father in Heaven, and their Savior from sin.

Jesus has come into the world to give us life, eternal life. His death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, overcomes all darkness, the power of the devil, and the sting of death. Salvation is pictured as “Light.” In Christ is life, and His life is the Light of the world!

God the Creator of Light has come into His sin-ridden, fallen, and dark world to bring Light of Life to all people. The Light of Christ brings grace and peace and truth to us. Salvation is pictured as a Light as opposed to the darkness of sin, the depravity of evil, and the certainty of death.

The Light of Christ in your life means that you Live each day in Grace & Peace. You do not live in guilt; nor are not burdened with shame. You have confessed your sins and trust in your Savior’s forgiveness. Every day is a day of grace knowing that you have peace with God; and that brings great joy into your life. For those who trust in him, who believe his word and promises, the Light of Christ continually shines in your life. AMEN!

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