November 14, 2021 • Faithfulness as your Witness

Today we are celebrating “All Saints Day”! Today we remember those who have gone before us and have died in the faith. Today we thank God for their faith and life and that we got to know and love them. But, we are not here to herald the accomplishments of great people; and we certainly are not here to pray to the dead nor for the dead.

All Saints Day is a time to thank God that He was gracious and merciful to poor, sinful people that we loved and cared about, and who have now died in Christ.

In Christ, we live humble and simple lives of faithfulness…
• be faithful to your wife
• be faithful to your husband
• be faithful to your kids
• be faithful in your work
• be faithful to your friends
• be faithful as a citizen
• be faithful to your Church
• be faithful to the Lord your God.

Be faithful: Trust God, and then do your duty, love your neighbor, and let your light shine for Christ. In that way, the Glory goes to God; and the emphasis is on Jesus, the Son of God and the Savior of the world!


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