November 19, 2017 End Times 1: The Handwriting On The Wall


Those are the words that were written by the mysterious hand on the wall of the palace of Babylonian King Belshazzar. He had gathered 1,000 of his officials together for a night of drinking and feasting. In the middle of it all, the King decides to the use the stolen Jerusalem Temple’s golden chalices to drink from – thus desecrating the vessels and blaspheming God. At this point, MENÈ. MENÈ. TEKEL. PARSON. is written on the wall. The king is terrified, and the prophet Daniel is eventually called in, and he interprets the writing on the wall, and he pronounces God’s judgment on King Belshazzar. That very night, Belshazzar’s Kingdom fell, and the King himself was killed.

The “Handwriting on the wall” would certainly be a good phrase to describe the END OF THE WORLD! God has been “writing on the wall” to warn us that Judgment Day is coming and that you must be ready. The “handwriting on the wall” is what we normally call the “SIGNS OF THE END”.

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