November 7, 2021 • Journey of Faith

Throughout Scripture, the life of faith is pictured as that of a Journey of faith. The Journey of faith image has the idea that your entire life is based, shaped around, and focused on Christ and His Word. Your Journey of faith implies and means that you are moving towards a goal: the Kingdom of Heaven!

And as you Journey through life, the only truth you can trust is Christ and His Word. Christ and His Word is the compass that you use to navigate through this world. Christ and His Word give you the only accurate “world view” and understanding. Do not put your Trust, Faith, or Belief in anything in this world; put your Trust, Faith, or Belief in Christ and His Word alone. We live like those who have gone before us: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses – God’s people have always lived by Faith and not by sight. This is not your home; do not love the world or anything in it (1 John 2:15); you are on a Faith Journey from Baptism to Heaven.

Faith is a multi-faceted jewel in Scripture! In every sense it is a gift from God:
• it is the message of the Holy Christian Church
• it is your only way of connection to the Savior Jesus Christ
• It is the core teaching of the Lutheran Reformation
• and it describes your holy, sanctified life in Christ

You are on a Journey of Faith from Baptism to Heaven!

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