October 10, 2021 • The Christian Faith

The truths of the Christian Faith, is what we study and learn throughout our lives as we grow and mature as Christians. For instance,

• In the Christian Faith, you hear the truth of God’s Law, and apply it to your life; you let it do its work of exposing your sin and leading you to repentance. It’s God’s love and care for you so that you do not continue to fall deeper and deeper into sin and lose your faith forever. The Law of God exposes your sin and leads you to repentance.

• In the Christian Faith, you hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the good news that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection forgives your sins and reconciles you to God. You hear the Absolution of your sins: God’s verdict of “not guilty!” and that you are set free!

The Gospel of the Lord Jesus is the central and most important teaching in the Christian Faith.

• In the Christian Faith, you learn that you are holy and set apart as God’s very own. You live your life glorifying God, serving your neighbor, and growing in faith. The Christian Faith teaches us about our Sanctification.

• In the Christian Faith, you learn about the Holy Trinity, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion; you learn how to view the world and understand the times; you learn about love, peace, and hope; you learn of forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

The Christian Faith teaches you the truth of God; there is no other place. This is what your personal faith connects you to!

The Christian Faith is the greatest treasure God has given to us! The Christian Faith teaches us about Christ, His death and resurrection for us, and the gifts of eternal salvation that He so freely gives.

The Christian Faith unites us with other believers in Christ; it is the unchanging rock of our assurance; and it is where we take our stand as we live our lives. Amen!

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