October 24, 2021 • A Life of Faith

A term that’s helpful to learn and know when it comes to Theology, Christian doctrine, and the study of Scripture is Gospel Motivation.

Gospel Motivation is a way to describe that our Christian faith and life is motivated by the good news of eternal salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Gospel Motivation keeps the proper order to things, so that you do not fall into the false teaching of works righteousness1. Gospel Motivation means that Christ and His work on the cross comes first, then afterwards, we live a holy and godly life. Here is a passage from 1 John that summarizes Gospel Motivation:

We love because He first loved us. -1 John 4:19

When you remember this, then your Holy Life in Christ will be good, right, and true. If you get the order mixed up and change it around, then you are in to dangerous false doctrine, faith threatening error, and works righteousness.

Gospel Motivation is that We love because He first loved us.

Let the gospel good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, drive you, motivate you, and compel you to live a holy and godly life!

You are sanctified because Christ has first saved you!

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