September 12, 2021 • Jesus the Crucified King

Jesus is indeed the long-awaited, Messianic King of Israel, but in His suffering and death, this King dies for all people and all nations! The King of Heaven and Earth and everything in them takes our place on the cross and pays the penalty for our sin. The King of the Jews dies — so the people of the earth can live!

The King of Heaven and Earth, the Messianic Son of David, knows you and cares about you. He promises to use His full, divine power and authority for good in your life!

You now live in His Kingdom. Your daily life is lived in the Kingdom of God. Just as much as you are a citizen of the United States of America, so too, you are also a citizen of God’s eternal Kingdom. Your baptism is your passport that proves your citizenship! Your life reflects your faith! Your goodness reflects God’s goodness to you. Your kindness reflects the Lord’s kindness. Your generosity reflects God’s generosity. Your love reflects God’s love for you. We live holy lives in the Kingdom of God; you live in the world, but you are not of the world. Ever since your Baptism, you have been a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ is your loving, all-powerful, crucified, risen, and saving King!


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